Hello guys! so if you don’t know already feature points is an app that when you download other apps you get points, these points can then be transferred into money if you can get enough!
This app is super easy to use and 100% trustworthy!

So far I’ve managed to make about £30 from this (as its in dollars, the rewards, the money you get in £ is a little less)

I highly recommend that if you haven’t got this you use it!

If you use my referral code "4NFPGP" You’ll earn 50 points and for each friend you refer you’ll receive points from them! 
It’s a win win! 

use my referral link here to download http://featu.re/4NFPGP and remember to use the code "4NFPGP"

[Posted June 20th, 2014 at 10:42 PM]
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